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By DeAnna Gibson
Sitting in a hallway of our church one typical Sunday morning, holding my child in my lap as he curled into the tightest 5-year-old ball he could make, I pleaded with him to return to class and try again. Something about the morning had set him off, and no one was sure why.

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Disability inclusion: Why it’s about more than a ramp

I’m a disabled woman in itinerant ministry.
I’m told that I should find any one of those hard, but having the three is just plain greedy. I can honestly say I find the disability part is hardest.

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What are the stats on
disability and church?

Last week I opened a three-part series of posts on statistics and ministry by sharing general figures about the prevalence of disability and mental illness in the US. I challenged you to consider how your church can better represent those numbers, that all people may hear and know the truth of the gospel. Today I want us to zoom in a little closer, looking specifically at research pertaining to people with disabilities in the church.

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God Made Me Unique

By Joni and Friends
God Made Me Unique shows children that God creates every person in his image and each individual has tremendous value, regardless of his or her appearance or abilities. This colorful, fully-illustrated children’s picture book will help eliminate fear and misconceptions about those who have special needs and emphasizes that every person deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. A useful tool for parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers.

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Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities

by: Barbara J. Newman
This book is an excellent plan for building awareness among children. It teaches them how to understand their peers who have special needs. It is packed with information about specific areas of disability, lesson plans, letters, and devotionals for families. Ms. Newman leads training seminars and writes curriculum for children with special needs.

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Daryl – 1Corinthians 12

Ask the People You Aim to Serve

Ministering To The Whole Family

Jasmine Tell on Siblings

Jasmine Tell discusses the importance of and the impact on typical siblings in families affected by disability.