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leaders to make Churches fully inclusive for people with disabilities

The goal of any church is ministry: creating opportunities for people to encounter God through fellowship, worship, and the teaching of God’s Word. Priceless youth ministry is not necessarily about creating a new ministry, but empowering leaders to make existing ministries accessible to people of all abilities.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“We recently used Joshua to host a 2.5-hour Special Needs Awareness Training for our Kid’s Committee. Joshua did a great job teaching us the essentials while also using the Bible as his primary source of encouragement. His training will help us to better equip our team of volunteers, develop our procedures, and generally improve our special needs ministry. I would highly recommend using Joshua if you have never considered special needs care in your ministry before or you require a helpful heart to weigh in on your current practices.”

Tom Drinkwater

Children’s Ministry Director at Central Baptist

A More Incusilve Church Starts Here!

An Inclusive church is a church that is equipped to accommodate people with all kinds of abilities. This means not just having a ramp to your building but having trained volunteers and staff that can accommodate any person with disabilities. An inclusive church does not just ask people with disabilities to come to church, they ask them if they would like to participate. This also means building a culture of respect and understanding for people with disabilities. Swapping awkward stares for good morning or how are you doing. Some of these things sound simple and they are but in our image-obsessed culture, it’s sometimes hard to know how to connect with these amazing people.

Inclusive  Churches

Or at least they are trying to be 

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